EP-1000 Pro
EP-1000 is an ophthalmologic diagnostic unit for a complete examination of the retina function, the visual pathway and the optical nerve. Different diagnostics procedures can be performed such as ERG, VEP, MERG, MVEP and EOG. This unit can only be operated by physicians and trained medically technical assistants. EP-1000 corresponds to the ISCEV standards (International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision).


  • Corresponds to ISCEV recommendation
  • High intensity LED colour flash and background illumination
  • VEP; ERG; PERG; EOG; Sweep VEP; Multi-Channel VEP, S-Cone analysis; PERG Ratio; VEP children; VEP uncooperative patient
  • Program editor for individual examinations, upgradable to 6 channels
  • Upgradeable to Multifocal ERG System


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EP-1000 Pro

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